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2 Ways Chicken Salami Sandwich: Make A Delicious Sandwich For A Quick Breakfast – Unblendednews

2 Ways Chicken Salami Sandwich: Make A Delicious Sandwich For A Quick Breakfast


‘What to cook?’ – If this is the evergreen question that you start your day with, congratulations! You are one of the million people prepping for breakfast right now with this question in mind and no definite answer in hand. Usually, you would throw some cornflakes in a bowl of milk, or maybe toast a slice of bread and be done with it. Now, although these breakfast options are easy and quick, they do get repetitive after a point and there are only so many ways you can pair bread and eggs together. So for those days when you want something quick yet different, easy yet delicious, try this classic sandwich recipe that you are bound to fall in love with – Chicken Salami sandwich.

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And if you thought we are just leaving you with a quick breakfast recipe, well you are in luck because we have not one, but two variations of this recipe. A delicious subway-style chicken salami sandwich and a quick grilled chicken salami sandwich. Exciting right? The best part is that you need almost the same ingredients to make both these sandwiches, some chopped vegetables, sauces or spreads of your choice, and those delicious thin slices of chicken salami. You may go for the plain or the spiced version, the choice is yours and the sandwich is going to taste just as delicious. The blend of the buttered bread, crunchy vegetables, melting cheese and our all-time favorite chicken salami truly make for a scrumptious breakfast. Read the recipe and try it today.


Sandwiches are one of the best go-to breakfast options

How To Make 2 Way Chicken Salami Sandwich l 2 Way Chicken Salami Sandwich Recipe

Chop onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and capsicum. On a bread spread butter and add a spoonful of chopped vegetables, salami, cheese, salt and pepper, and grill.

For the subway-style sandwich, make a bed of lettuce and repeat the same process as above. Drizzle some mayo or mustard sauce and it is ready to be munched.

For the detailed recipe and ingredients list, click here.

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To save even more time, you can chop the vegetables the night before as well. Try making this quick and scrumptious breakfast and let us know how it turned out in the comments below.


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