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Aadhaar Card In A Wallet: All You Need To Know About mAadhaar’s Benefits – Unblendednews

Aadhaar Card In A Wallet: All You Need To Know About mAadhaar’s Benefits


Aadhaar Card In A Wallet: All You Need To Know About mAadhaar's Benefits

mAadhaar application is available for both Android and iPhone users in the country

The mAadhaar application developed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) can be used anywhere anytime in the country and is more than an Aadhaar card in a wallet. The mAadhaar profile is accepted as a valid ID proof at airports and railway stations, according to UIDAI. Users can avail all the features of the mAadhaar application to share their eKYC or QR code with the service providers who seek Aadhaar verification of customers before providing services. Apart from this, the mAadhaar application comprises several benefits. According to UIDAI, the feature and benefits of the mAadhaar app are as follows: 

All You Need To Know About Benefits of mAadhaar:

  • Get the aadhaar by downloading or by ordering the reprint of Aadhaar. You can also do so by retrieving lost or forgotten Aadhaar
  • Show/view the aadhaar in the offline mode, particularly when you are required to show the ID proof
  • Update the address in aadhaar through a document or without a document proof
  • Manage or keep the aadhaar of up to five family members on one mobile phone
  • Share the paperless eKYC or QR code to the service providing agencies
  • Secure the aadhaar by locking aadhaar or by biometrics features
  • Use the Aadhaar SMS service in offline mode
  • Check the request status dashboard – after enrolling for aadhaar, ordering reprint, or by updating Adhaar data, users can check the status of the service request in the application
  • Avail of the update history feature and authentication records
  • Book appointments to visit any of the Aadhaar Seva Kendra
  • The time-based One-Time Password (OTP) can be used instead of the SMS based OTP to avail the aadhaar online services available on the official UIDAI website
  • Locate the enrolment centre (EC) which can help in finding nearest enrolment centres


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