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Altogether Experimental: Run By An All-Girls’ Kitchen Team, This Cosy Cafe Promises Joyful Experience – Unblendednews

Altogether Experimental: Run By An All-Girls’ Kitchen Team, This Cosy Cafe Promises Joyful Experience


Altogether Experimental (A.T.E.) – a quaint yet modern coffee bar, cafe and patisserie located in bylanes of Saidulajab (Near Champa Gali), Saket – is a delight for all to experiment. A.T.E, true to its name, experiments with the seasonal produce to reinvent the modern cafe experience for its patrons. The cafe combines a carefully considered selection of seasonal produce with an array of modern flavours, in the all-girls kitchen. A hideout in the middle of a busy path, the cafe allows you to step into the tasteful setting of muted yet lively colours, comfy fabrics and a curated menu of crispy crunchy textures. 

Our early winter Saturday afternoon started with the choices of hot and cold coffees, of which the Iced Butterscotch Latte and White-choc Mocha were our favourites. The Mexican Ratatouille Tartine, which is an exotic preparation of grilled vegetables between toasted sourdough bread, was as delicious as it sounds. The all-vegan dressing and the perfect crunch to the sourdough bread deserves a shout-out. Some of the other things that caught our attention and truly deserve a mention are Chicken Popcorns, BBQ Pulled Chicken Taco and Korean Fried Chicken Burger.


(L-R) Chip n Dip Platter, The OG Hummus and Chicken Tartine


(L-R) Korean Fried Chicken Burger, BBQ Pulled Chicken Taco​

While we were busy devouring these delicacies, we had a visit from the director and founder of A.T.E., Vicky Mandal, who made us understand the importance of what they had built and why. “We wanted to create a nouvelle platform that brings like-minded people together on a table, over flavourful meals and countless memories. We have spent a lot of time in our kitchen and curated the most palatable slow food and dessert delights. And if that doesn’t get you, the experimental coffee menu will.” Anukriti Anand, who is the chef and co-owner of A.T.E., told us “Our dessert offerings might seem a little daunting, but we are convinced that one wouldn’t get similar tasting cakes, petite gateaux & sweet nibbles anywhere else.” 


(L-R) Chicken Popcorns, Chocolate Cake with torched meringue droplets and sweet and sour cream


We then got a chance to taste some of the items from the patisserie that completely stole the show. The Espresso Nutella Banana Bread was an absolute delight to the taste buds. This soft and rich cake not only tasted of bananas the richness of the pastry carried the flavour of banana front right and centre. To top it all we tasted the ever so classic flourless chocolate cake. The cake being spongy and chocolaty was edged sweetly by torched meringue droplets and sweet and sour cream.  

While A.T.E is a perfect place for a quiet and idyllic rendezvous, the interior also lends itself to mid and large gatherings. We definitely recommend this cafe to all who all are open to experiments and those who want to taste coffee in different shapes and forms.   

Where: Plot 2, Khasra 264, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi
Price: INR 1,000 for two people (approximately)


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