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Anita Hassanandani’s Birthday Celebration Is All About Cakes; Guess How Many She Cut – Unblendednews

Anita Hassanandani’s Birthday Celebration Is All About Cakes; Guess How Many She Cut


One of the most popular actresses in the TV industry Anita Hassanandani celebrated her 41st birthday on April 14. Birthdays are special and just like everyone else, Anita also preferred to enjoy the day to the fullest. She had a great time with her family as she cut not one or two but four decadent cakes! The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress has shared glimpses of her birthday bash on Instagram through a video and we are truly amazed. Going by the video, we could first see Anita cutting a beautiful, massive peacock-themed cake covered with white icing and decorated with edible golden glitter. Next, we see a dark chocolate cake with macarons. The text on this cake read, “Happy Birthday, Anita.” The third one was yet again an indulgent chocolate delight that came tied with a golden ribbon. The last one too was a chocolate cake with, “Happy Birthday Kuki,” written on it. Anita cheekily captioned the post, “41 or 14,” and added laughing emojis. 

Take a look:

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Anita Hassanandani definitely had a blast on her birthday but do you feel tempted enough to try out a cake now? If yes, then we have some really amazing cake recipes to help you out. You can prepare these cakes at home and have fun with your family.

1) Rich and moist chocolate cake

How many of you love to dig in gooey chocolate cakes? This recipe is a perfect pick for you if you are a fan of chocolate. This rich and moist chocolate cake is the best to uplift your mood if you are having a bad day. Imagine having this in the comfort of your home while watching your favourite movie.

2) Orange cake

If you are someone who enjoys fruits like oranges, more than chocolates, we have something in store for you as well. This yummy orange cake carries the refreshing flavour of orange with a hint of lemon. Every bite is worth trying out.   

3) Chocolate mug cake

Ever heard of a cake getting ready in not more than five minutes? Yes, this recipe is your stop if an instant craving hits you. You just need to have some quintessential ingredients and a mug, of course, to bake this treat.   

4) Eggless atta cake

No, it’s really not difficult to prepare eggless cakes and the best example of the same is eggless atta cake. This is a good dessert for you and you can relish some portion of it after meals. You can also pair it up with your evening cuppa. It’s a pure joy to be able to have cakes that are fluffy, soft and carry nuts.  

5) Marble cake

These absolutely tasty marble cakes are enough to make your heart happy. The added advantage is that they are easy to make and are enjoyed by people from all age groups. The fused flavours of vanilla, cocoa and chocolate add a lot to the taste of the cake.   

Do let us know which recipes you tried and how was your experience. 


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