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Boiled Anda Bhurji: Is It Boiled Egg, Anda Bhurji Or Both? Read To Find Out – Unblendednews

Boiled Anda Bhurji: Is It Boiled Egg, Anda Bhurji Or Both? Read To Find Out


Eggs are one of the most common breakfast options in most households. Along with being easy and delicious, they pack loads of proteins and other nutrients. Fried, poached, or scrambled, there aren’t many food options quite like an egg out there. We usually go for the plain boiled egg when in a hurry, but if we have got the time, you best believe we are making an extensive masaledaar egg bhurji to go with our toast. But what if you are an egg lover who doesn’t want to go to both these extremes and is looking for something just in between? Well, we got you covered. Try boiled egg bhurij – an easy and delicious recipe for busy mornings.

hard boiled eggs

Spice up that simple plate of boiled eggs with this easy recipe

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Well, as the name suggests, boiled egg bhurji is a combination of boiled eggs and egg bhurji. From toast to roti, you can pair this scrumptious egg dish with almost anything. And why even pair it? With its flavourful masalas and soft melt-in-the-mouth texture, the boiled egg bhurji is a delicious breakfast to be enjoyed just on its own too. Add red chilli powder or black pepper for the heat, garnish with chopped onions and fresh coriander for the crunch and enjoy this wholesome breakfast option today. Excited to try this dish? Get the easy recipe here.

How To Make Boiled Anda Bhurji l Boiled Anda Bhurji recipe:

Boil some egg and cut them roughly into medium pieces. Now in a pan add onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic, and other spices. Mix the boiled eggs and lightly toss them around. Garnish with ingredients of your choice and serve hot.

Pair it with buttered toast or enjoy on its own, get the step-by-step recipe here.

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Try making this easy-peasy flavourful desi anda breakfast recipe and enjoy. Let us know how you liked it in the comments below.


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