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Breakfast-Special: Try This Crunchy Egg Fingers Recipe To Start Your Day Off Right – Unblendednews

Breakfast-Special: Try This Crunchy Egg Fingers Recipe To Start Your Day Off Right


We got to admit, we would be at a lack of variety for breakfast without eggs in our kitchen. Whether you are running late or are just not in the mood to cook, an easy omelette comes to our rescue many more times than we’d like to admit. Along with being easy, eggs also have other benefits like they are nutrient-rich, a high source of protein; improve levels of good cholesterol etc. — all of which make them a great breakfast option. So, to add more variety of egg recipes for breakfast, we bring you a quick and easy breakfast recipe that is not just delicious but also quite easy to make, it’s called – crunchy egg fingers.

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If you are a lover of fish fingers and chicken fingers, you should definitely try this recipe. These egg fingers are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Flavour them with dry spices, Italian herbs or cheese, serve along with some bread and tea and enjoy a truly wholesome breakfast. All you need to do is steam the eggs coat them in a crunchy flour and breadcrumbs batter and deep fry until golden brown, make this for breakfast, evening snacks or mid-day cravings, it’s going to be a hit every single time. Want to give this a try? Read the recipe here:

fish fingers

Egg fingers are delicious and easy to make 

Breakfast Special: How To Make Crunchy Egg Finger l Easy Egg Recipe For Breakfast:

Crack some eggs in a bowl and add the spices of your choice. You may keep it simple with salt and pepper or add chopped vegetables, red chilli powder, Italian seasoning according to your preference. Steam this until cooked.

Cut the steamed omelette in sizes of your choice and coat it in egg wash and some breadcrumbs, deep fry until golden and serve with sauces or chutneys of your choice.

Click here for the detailed recipe of crunchy egg fingers

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