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Burger King France Gave Away Free Potatoes To Customers; The Reason Will Impress You – Unblendednews

Burger King France Gave Away Free Potatoes To Customers; The Reason Will Impress You



  • Burger King has grabbed all the limelight with its social initiatives.
  • Burger King France bough 200 extra tonnes of potatoes to support farmers.
  • This initiative by Burger King France won many hearts.

Burger King has been in the news for all the good reasons. Besides offering some super delicious and juicy burgers, the American food chain is known for taking up some heart-warming initiatives. A few months back, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, they won hearts by sharing their support for other food chains like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Taco Bells et al. Burger King UK took to their Twitter handle and urged their customers to order food from their competitor food chains to save their jobs. This tweet came as a ray of positivity when the food and beverage industry was suffering from a downfall during the lockdown and the unlock phase.

In another such initiative, Burger King France recently gave their customers free potatoes, in a bid to help the potato farmers in the country. Due to the pandemic situation and the closure of the restaurants, the potato farmers suffered immensely. Hence, Burger King lent their support and bought 200tonne extra potatoes and distributed them among the customers. As per reports on the internet, each customer was given 1kg  potatoes, along with their meal.


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Along with every packet of potato, Burger King France sent out a message in French that translates to, “Due to the forced closure of the restaurants, the potato farmers are left with tonnes of crops. Hence, we decided to support them by buying 200 extra tonnes of potatoes. From 2nd February, we will give 1kg bag potatoes to each customer on their visit.

Tweeting the same on their official Twitter handle, Burger King France wrote alongside, “Let’s not leave anyone in a mess.” Here’s the tweet:

This was followed by various other tweets regarding the initiative that garnered thousands of views, likes and comments from across the world.


While praised it saying “unbelievable!”, others called it to be a “superb initiative.”

What did you think of the unique initiative by Burger King? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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