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Caught On Camera: Jagan Reddy’s Party Leader Slaps Toll Booth Worker – Unblendednews

Caught On Camera: Jagan Reddy’s Party Leader Slaps Toll Booth Worker


New Delhi:

In yet another instance of politicians demanding special treatment, a leader of ruling YSR Congress was caught on camera threatening and assaulting a toll plaza worker in Andhra Pradesh after she was stopped allegedly for refusing to pay toll tax.

In the video, YSRCP leader D Revathi is seen removing the barricade placed in front of her vehicle at the toll plaza in Guntur district even as the officials at the toll plaza request her not to do so. The siren from the black Scorpio, used by the YSRCP leader, is heard in the background as Ms Revathi shoves away the barricade to make way for her vehicle at Kaja Toll in in Guntur district. 

At one point she raises her hand at a toll booth official when he stops her from removing the barricade; she is later seen holding him by his collar and slapping him when he tries to stop her again.

There are no official reaction from Ms Revathi or her party on the incident as yet.


This is not the first-such assault on toll plaza worker in the country.

In July, an employee of a toll plaza on a national expressway in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddh Nagar was allegedly thrashed by over half-a-dozen men angry over being asked to pay the tax. The men dragged a toll plaza staffer out on the road and thrashed him. Some landed slaps and elbows to his body while others kicking the man when he fell on the ground.


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