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Celebrate Cold New Year Eve With Warm And Spicy Sangria (Recipe Inside)

Warm sangria is a must-try at New Year’s Eve.


  • Sangria made with red wine is a popular alcoholic beverage.
  • This New Year Eve’s, serve warm sangria to your guests.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Wine lovers have a deep affection for sangria. This fruity, sweet plus bitter drink suits every palate. Red wine mixed with other alcohol, lots of fruits like apple and orange, and orange and pineapple juice, tastes instantly better. Even those who don’t like the taste of red wine can happily sip on this delicious beverage. If you are throwing a party at your place this New Year, serve your guests Sangria and no one will refuse it. We promise!

Red wine takes preference over white wine in winter. Its warming effect makes it the ideal drink to have in this holiday season when the celebratory vibe is running amok among all of us. Given the constant dip in the temperatures, we are expecting New Year’s Eve to be spine-chilling this time. And we found the perfect recipe to make our sangria warmer and more lovable.

This new year, ditch the usual cold sangria and impress your guests with spiced, slow-cooked warm sangria. They won’t have to worry their hands shivering while holding their glass and their tongues tingling with icy cold drink. This warm drink will bring them relief in this chilling weather and will keep their spirits high so that you can have a memorable party to culminate the year.

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Red wine is perfect to have in winter.
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Here’s The Complete Recipe Of Spicy Warm Sangria:

This special sangria is a perfect combination of red wine with another warming drink of brandy. Together, they will make you forget all about the cold winds and will let you enjoy your get-together to the fullest. Apple cider vinegar, honey, orange zest and orange juice add sweet and refreshing flavours. To spice up the drink, cinnamon, green cardamoms, star anise and cloves are also mixed in. Now to serve it warm, slow cook everything together on low flame and serve in coffee mugs or wine glasses. To make it look interesting, decorate it with orange slices and cinnamon stick.


This Sangria will bring you and your guests the most-needed comfort to escape the harsh weather. Needless to say, it will rise as the star of the occasion.

Happy New Year 2021!

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