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Cheese Chilli Dosa Recipe: Love Dosa And Cheese? Get The Best Of Both Worlds In This Recipe


  • Cheese chilli dosa is an interesting fusion recipe
  • Dosa is mostly enjoyed with sambhar and chutney
  • Dosa can be of many kinds

There are times we are so short on time that we can’t even grab a good breakfast in peace. And then there are days we are willing to push all our commitments aside for just one hearty breakfast. Cheese chilli dosa is recipe for those days. It demands undivided attention and a discerning diner. Dosa, as we all know, is  a South Indian dish that has now become a global sensation of sorts. It is basically a thin crepe that is made with a rice or lentil batter or a combination of many other ingredients. The batter is typically fermented for hours, but nowadays you can also get instant batters to make your dosas.

Fusion Dosas: Aye Or Nay?

Dosas have become so popular around the country that people have actually lost calm and are trying out many bizzare fusions. A while back, Anand Mahindra tweeted about a certain ‘ice cream dosa’ which was basically a hot and fresh dosa topped off with a scoop of ice cream and sauces. And if you think that is pushing too much, you must read up about chocolate dosa, noodles dosa, Manchurian dosa, pav bhaji dosa and many more such recipes that are being sold on the streets and are finding takers too!

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Dosas can be very versatile too

Now, we have to agree that a lot of these renditions are also super impressive. For instance, this cheese dosa, with hint of chilli, is ideal for those cheesy cravings. But it never seems ‘too much’ because there is also this lovely crispness that the dosa offers. The recipe uses cheddar cheese that brings about the characteristic sharp, slightly earthy flavour. But you can also use mozzarella, cheddar or any other type of cheese you want to make this delish dosa. If you do not have chilli flakes, you can use red chilli powder or paprika to flavour your dosa.

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Dosa is a crepe like dish

Cheese Chilli Dosa Recipe

This super easy recipe is sure to win over everyone at the breakfast table. Here is the step-by-step recipe of cheese chilli dosa. You may pair it with sambar or chutney, or have it stand-alone.


Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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