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Diana Penty Shared Her Food Indulgence From Hungary And Now, We Are Hungry – Unblendednews

Diana Penty Shared Her Food Indulgence From Hungary And Now, We Are Hungry


Actress Diana Penty has enthralled us for years now with her beauty and acting skills. But, she is right up there on the list of our favourite stars as she is also a true foodie. Need proof? Take a look at her social media timeline. When most celebrities take a vacation, they make sure to share pictures of the locales. But with Diana, it is all about the food. The actress shared a bunch of photos of the food she binged on, in Hungary, on Instagram. “Photo dump ft. foooooood!” she wrote as she posted the pictures.

We have to admit that we had a tough time tearing our eyes away from the photos shared by Diana Penty. But after all that staring we are here to give you a deep dive into what she ate. In the first picture, Diana Penty is seen indulging in some pasta that was paired with cherry tomatoes and basil. She chose to combine the pasta dish with a glass of fresh juice that had a pink tint. It had ample ice, mint and lemon added in.

In the next photo, we can see Diana Penty gaze lovingly at a rich piece of chocolate cake. And the cake was not alone on the plate. Making an appearance next to it is also some fresh cream that seemed to complement the cake perfectly. In another photo, Diana had one more glass of the pink-hued drink we were talking about earlier. And it sure looked yummy.

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How about some fresh pancakes? The breakfast favourite too made it to Diana Penty’s Hungary menu. The pancake was topped with a bunch of berries, grapes and orange slices. In addition to syrup, the actress also had an extra side of fruits.

After the goodness of pancakes, Diana also had some yummy sandwiches with olives. The photo also featured bread with dip, a green salad with ample cheese shavings and breadsticks as well as a side of fries and ketchup. And, what did she drink? Well, a good old glass of chocolate milkshake was her pick for the meal.

This was followed by a drool-worthy photo of toasted bread with cheese and eggs placed on top. Adding a bit of freshness was a green salad with cherry tomatoes and greens. 

Desserts made another appearance in the photo dump. This time, Diana was seen eating a yummy chocolate and white cream pastry that featured a topping layer in orange. She paired this with some brownies and cream as well as some frothy coffee.

The next dessert seemed to be a more exquisite one with blobs of flavoured cream intricately placed between three layers of biscuits and topped with icing sugar.

The last photo that Diana Penty left us with is of another piece of rice chocolate cake with some tempered chocolate used as a topping.

Take a look at the images here:

Tell us which of Diana’s food photos is making you hungry. 


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