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Dieting? 5 Indian Breakfast Foods Under 200 Calories You Should Try – Unblendednews

Dieting? 5 Indian Breakfast Foods Under 200 Calories You Should Try



  • Dieting is no cakewalk
  • You have to be mindful of what you add to your plate
  • You can control your daily calorie intake with these foods too

If you are into dieting – or are friends with one who is – you would be very well aware with the idea of ‘counting calories’. Calorie is a unit of energy. All the food you eat amounts to calories, but there is only so much energy that your body needs to carry out daily activities, the extra calories go on and accumulate as extra fat. This is why, fitness experts always ask you to watch your calories and take only the required amount. But that does not mean you have to starve at all, but that does mean that you have to play it smart. There are many low calorie foods that are also a bundle of overall nutrition, the best part is that we have grown up eating these foods and we never gave them the credit they deserved.

Low Calorie Indian Food: Here are 5 Indian breakfast foods below 200 calories:

1. Idli
The spongy rice cake from South India has found fans across the country. Easy to make and a delight to bite into, idli is a low-cal, steamed snack that can be a yummy addition to your diet. 2-3 idlis with some sambhar or chutney are a good idea. Click here for the recipe.


Idli is a popular South Indian breakfast


2. Poha
Poha is a popular breakfast dish made with flattened rice flakes, tempered with curry leaves, onions, mustard seeds and choice spices. To add additional crunch you can also add peanuts or dessicated coconut. One katori or bowl of veg poha is usually about 150-180 calories. Click here for the recipe.

3. Rava Upma
One katori or bowl of rava upma is also a super wholesome idea to perk up your breakfast. Rava or suji is also an excellent source of protein and complex carbs that keep you full for a longer spell. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Methi paratha
One methi paratha a day could keep the winter fat away. Just try to use minimal oil to make the paratha and you are set. Click here for the recipe.


5. Egg chaat
If you are particularly craving something tangy and chilli right in the morning. Try a bowl of boiled egg chaat, with yolk or without it-it’s your choice. Throw in some chopped tomatoes, onions and chutney of your choice and chomp. Click here for the recipe.


A lot depends on the combination of ingredients and your style of cooking. So make healthy choices and make weight-loss fun for you. Try these ideas and let us know!

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