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Dr Prannoy Roy, Writer Ruchir Sharma On 2021’s Top 10 Trends: Highlights – Unblendednews

Dr Prannoy Roy, Writer Ruchir Sharma On 2021’s Top 10 Trends: Highlights


Dr Prannoy Roy, Writer Ruchir Sharma On 2021's Top 10 Trends: Highlights

Dr Prannoy Roy discusses the top trends of 2021 with Ruchir Sharma

New Delhi:

The year 2020 has been an eventful one. From a global pandemic to a sluggish economy, the world was affected gravely. NDTV’s Dr Prannoy Roy discusses what the top trends of the new year will be with writer-analyst Ruchir Sharma. The show discusses the economy, stock market, inflation, interest rates among many other trends set to top 2021.

Here are the highlights from Dr Roy’s show:

The “Four Ds” threaten to revive inflation
Trend 2: Inflation to rise

On the economy, Ruchir Sharma says the stock market will not be negative but would not be as buoyant as well this year.

“I’m trying to say that the very factors that propel the stock market to do so well in 2020 in the midst of the devastating pandemic – those very factors now go into reverse. So unless something else happens which we don’t anticipate at this juncture, to expect that in 2021 the economy will surge back and the stock market will keep doing well i think is a bit of a disconnect. So i do think that the fact is that interest rates will also go up or the liquidity conditions may not be that abundant – something that we will discuss in our next segments of the show. But I think that it’s very important to analyze why did the stock market do what it did in 2020 and how those factors and how those factors will not play out in 2021,” Mr Sharma says.

Economy up, stock market down
India’s low fiscal stimulus, high monetary stimulus
India’s economy plummeted, stock markets boomed
The stock market boom
How does 2020 crisis compare to 2008 and 2001
Prannoy Roy: This has been a traumatic year, complete shock out of the blue. How does this crisis compare with 2008, 2001, is this worse than that or about the same or better – not as bad?

Ruchir Sharma: Right, I think that to put this in perspective in terms of the sheer economic effect because we’re discussing that on the show primarily – the contraction that the global economy saw this in 2020 of minus four percent was the worst contraction in seventy-five years. So definitely the economic consequences and the economic effect of this has been the worst that we’ve had in post-World War II history.

Now Time Magazine went to the extent of calling this the worst year ever. I’m not sure I would go to such an extreme because I think that history is better remembered than its lived – the Great Depression, the World Wars, even the 1970s when we had stagflation, Vietnam War, riots and even in places like India..the Emergency – we have had some very difficult periods – but yeah, this ranks right up there in terms of obviously the number of people who have died because of the pandemic and in terms of economic contraction that’s the one data which will stand out that this has been the worst economic contraction in seventy-five years.

But again, as your favourite expression is – it all depends who you ask because if you ask people who have been involved with the stock market and in the financial community, they have had a very different view, I think, because 2020 ended up being a pretty good year..if you are a financial investor and almost did nothing and sat through this crisis.


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