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Ever Heard Of Keto Gatte Ki Sabzi? Now Make It At Home With This Yummy Recipe Video


  • Gatte ki sabzi is a popular Rajasthani dish
  • The dish traditionally comprises fried dumplings
  • The dumplings here are steamed, thus preventing calorie overload

Ketogenic diet emerged as one of the most popular diets of the decade. The high fat, low carb diet requires you to cut back on carbohydrates considerably; in absence of fats, your body starts burning fat for energy, which may result in weight loss. Over the years, ketogenic diet has evolved, the inclusion of high-fibre foods is a recent development that has been received well by the critics. Many celebrities around the world like Kim Kardashian and Huma Qureshi have been very vocal for their love for keto, but if it is suitable for you or not, is an informed decision you need to make for yourself.

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In this keto gatte ki sabzi, food YouTuber Jyoti Dalmia, gives a low-carb makeover to your favourite Rajasthani sabzi. Gatte ki sabzi is a delicious, spicy, tomato-based curry laced with besan dumplings. For the recipe, take a grinder and grind, turmeric, clove, hung curd, dried red chillies, and red chilli powder and keep it aside. For the dumplings, ditch your carb-dense flours for something low-carb as almond flour. To make sure your ‘gatte’ or dumplings rise, you would have to add a pinch of baking soda in the dough as well. So oil and hung curd would also be a good idea to bind the dumplings. Steam these dumplings, toss them in the gravy, the masala for which you had ground ahead of the recipe- and you are done. The recipe video was posted on the YouTube Channel ‘Magic In My Food’

Watch the full recipe of Keto-friendly gatte ki sabzi here:


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