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Government Says It Is Engaged With Infosys To Resolve E-Filing Portal Issues – Unblendednews

Government Says It Is Engaged With Infosys To Resolve E-Filing Portal Issues


Government Says It Is Engaged With Infosys To Resolve E-Filing Portal Issues

Income tax department has said it is engaged with Infosys to resolve e-filing portal issues

Amid glitches being reported in the income tax filing e-portal, the Income Tax Department has said that it is continuously engaged with Infosys, which is the service provider for the site, to ensure smooth filing experience for taxpayers.

Despite problems, more than one crore taxpayers have filed their returns for assessment year 2021-22, using the portal, it informed.

Ever since the portal was launched on June 7, 2021, several taxpayers complained of difficulties in filing their returns, prompting the Finance Ministry to take up the matter with Infosys. The software giant has been asked to fix the problems in the portal by September 15, 2021.

In a statement issued by the Finance Ministry, it was informed that “it is regularly monitoring the resolution of issues with Infosys Ltd which is the managed services provider for the project”.

The ministry said that despite the glitches, over 8.83 crore unique taxpayers had logged on to the portal till September 7, 2021, with a daily average of over 15.55 lakh users in September, 2021.

The income tax return (ITR) filing has increased to 3.2 lakh daily in September, 2021 and 1.19 crore ITRs for assessment year 2021-22 have been filed. Of these, over 76.2 lakh taxpayers have used the online utility of the portal to file the returns, the statement said.

It further informed that a number of technical issues are being progressively addressed and there has been a positive trend reflected in the statistics of the various filings on the portal. 

In addition to this, more than 94.88 lakh ITRs have also been e-verified, which is necessary for processing by the Centralized Processing Centre. Of this, 7.07 lakh ITRs have been processed, the department informed.

Also Aadhaar- PAN linking has been done by 66.44 lakh taxpayers and over 14.59 lakh e-PAN have been allotted, the ministry said.


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