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Happy Lohri 2021: 5 Sesame Seeds (Til) Snacks To Enjoy Around The Holy Bonfire – Unblendednews

Happy Lohri 2021: 5 Sesame Seeds (Til) Snacks To Enjoy Around The Holy Bonfire


Lohri 2021: Celebrate the festival with some delicious snacks.


  • Lohri is celebrated with some traditional snacks.
  • Sesame seeds are popularly used to make Lohri-special dishes.
  • Here are some til snacks you can make for the festive feast.

The joyous festival of Lohri is here. The fact that is signifies the end of chilli gloomy winters and open doors to warmer, sunny days ahead, makes it truly a happy occasion for all of us shivering in our blankets. But that’s not all there is to this important Punjabi festival. Lohri also celebrates the advent of the harvest season, closing the sowing season of winter crops. According to the Indian calendar, Lohri falls in the month of Pausha and is celebrated on the 13th of January every year, as per the Gregorian calendar.

Food is an important part of Lohri celebrations. The day starts with children going from door to door asking for traditional sweets like gajak, chikki, jaggery, popcorn, sesame seeds (til), rewari and peanuts. Then as the night falls, people of the community sit around a holy bonfire and sing folk songs while enjoying Lohri-special snacks. Children toss their ‘lohri’ that they collected in the day, into the fire to pay homage to the fire God, Agni. 

Sesame seeds (til) are widely used to make snacks for Lohri. The seeds are known to contain healthy fats that keep you warm and energised during the winter. Here are some recipes with til that you can try this Lohri festival.

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5 Sesame Seeds (Til) Recipes For Lohri 2021:

Til Ki Chikki

Chikki made with jaggery and peanuts is commonly had during the winter season. But the Lohri festival sees til ki chikki being enjoyed by the enthusiasts. It is easy to make and you just need 2-3 ingredients to make it. Click here for full recipe.

til chikki

Tik Ki Barfi

Festivals have to be celebrated with something sweet. Why not make it healthier? Til ki barfi is a traditional Indian sweet snack made with sesame seeds, khoya and sugar. This wafer-thin barfi is perfect to enjoy the occasion with your loved ones. Click here for full recipe.

Til Ka Ladoo

If ladoo is what you like to gorge on during the festival time, warm your senses with this til ka ladoo made with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, and flavoured with saffron. Click here for full recipe.

Almonds and Sesame Pinni

Pinni is another popular winter snack that boosts your energy levels to a new high. It is made with wheat flour roasted in desi ghee and combined with dry fruits. This pinni recipe with the goodness of sesame seeds is perfect for Lohri snacking. Click here for full recipe.



Gur And Til Cake

If you want to present something fancy to your kids but want to retain some healthfulness in the dish, make this gur and til cake for after-dinner dessert. Avoid adding eggs if you don’t want to consume on the Lohri day. Click here for full recipe.

Happy Lohri 2021!

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