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Here’s How To Block HDFC Debit Card Online – Unblendednews

Here’s How To Block HDFC Debit Card Online


Here's How To Block HDFC Debit Card Online

Customers can easily block their debit cards online by using HDFC Netbanking service

Managing a bank account online requires a comprehensive awareness of maintaining financial safety and security. The primary concern faced by many customers is securing one’s bank account from online fraud or hackers. However, there are several easy ways that one can follow to avoid unauthorised use of ATM debit cards to avoid fraudulent transactions. Once the request for blocking/hotlisting is processed, cash withdrawal or digital transactions related to the bank account are stopped. This service is most useful for customers in cases of theft, misplacement, or unauthorised transactions. The HDFC bank allows customers three simple ways to hotlist or block their debit cards.
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Firstly, customers can easily block their debit cards online by using HDFC Netbanking service. They can also avail of the HDFC Phonebanking service to cancel or block the cards. Otherwise, customers can directly visit the nearest HDFC branch to block their debit cards by filling a form.

Here’s how one can block HDFC debit card online through HDFC Netbanking:

  • Login to HDFC netbanking using your netbanking ID and password
  • Click on the debit card tab and then on the Debit Card Hotlisting at the left-hand side.
  • This will show you the Debit Card/s linked to your account
  • Click on the Debit Card number that you wish to hotlist or block
  • Select the reason for hotlisting and click on confirm
  • You will receive a confirmation that the card has been hotlisted online.

HDFC debit cards can be blocked through Phonebanking as well. 


According to details on the HDFC bank website, here’s how you can block your HDFC debit card through Phonebanking:

  • Call the bank and authenticate yourself
  • Authenticate and confirm the debit card details
  • The phone banking customer executive may ask some security questions.
  • Once confirmed, the customer executive will block your debit card.


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