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High Protein Diet: How To Make Moong Dal-Palak Paratha For Weight Loss – Unblendednews

High Protein Diet: How To Make Moong Dal-Palak Paratha For Weight Loss


This moong dal and spinach paratha is perhaps the best way to combine health and taste.


  • Moong dal is a staple across Indian kitchens
  • It is used to make everything from crispy fritters to piping hot parathas
  • This high-protein paratha with palak and moong dal is a must try

Paratha is perhaps one of the quickest, easiest and most delicious meals in India. From a wholesome breakfast to a yummy lunch, paratha paired with tantalising pickle or chilled curd is something no one can resist! The piping hot Indian flatbread has for decades been one the one of the most popular Indian foods. Be it the captivating aroma that pleases all our senses or the endless flavours that one can stuff it with, every bite of paratha is a satisfying gastronomic experience.

Did you know you can even make high-protein parathas that may aid your weight loss journey? Moong dal, one of Indian cuisine’s star ingredients is not only rich with nutrients but is also highly versatile! From crispy snack to comforting main course delicacies and decadent desserts, moong dal will never fail to impress everyone on the table. It is also considered one of the best vegetarian sources of protein. About 100 grams of moong dal contains 22 grams of protein, which besides building muscles, also helps fill you up, prevent you from over-indulging and promote healthy weight management. On the similar lines, spinach (palak) is protein-rich, fibre-rich vegetable which takes the longest to break down and digest, inducing a feeling of fullness.

This moong dal and spinach paratha is perhaps the best way to combine health and taste together! You can add it to your breakfast menu or have it in lunch, paired with some curd.


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Parathas are one of the most loved Indian meals.

Here’s how to make protein-rich moong dal palak paratha at home-


– Moong dal (soaked and cooked)- 1/2 cup

– Oil- 1 tsp

– Spinach leaves (palak, boiled and finely chopped)- 1/2 cup

– Salt- to taste

– Jeera seeds- 1 tsp

– Whole Wheat flour- 2 cups

– Water- to knead


1. First take the cooked moong dal and boiled spinach together with 1/2 tsp oil and mix well. Make sure the moong dal is cooled before mixing.

2. Now make the dough by mixing flour, salt, jeera seeds and a bit of water together.

3. Divide the dough into equal parts of the number of parathas you need.

4. Stuff the centre of each portion of the rolled out dough parts with the moong dal-palak mixture. Now bring all ends of the dough towards the centre and seal it on top like a dumpling.

5. Roll the ball again with the help of a rolling pin. Repeat with all other portions

6. Roast the tawa with about 1/2 tsp of oil or ghee and cook these portions until they turn brown. Serve hot.


You can use leftover moong dal for this too.

Try this yummy moong dal-palak paratha at home for a high-protein meal and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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