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High-Protein Urad Chana Dal Soup For Quick Weight Loss In Winter

This urad chana dal soup is excellent for weight loss diet.


  • Both urad dal and chana dal are rich in proteins.
  • A warm soup made with urad chana dal is great for weight loss.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home during winter.

What meal brings you most comfort in winter? Soup has to be one of the things that come to your mind first. A hot bowl of dense soup with loads of nutrients from veggies or meat is the perfect meal you can have on your weight loss diet for dinner in this cold season. Soup is preferred at night as it is light on tummy and easier to digest. A protein-rich dinner that doesn’t weight down on your stomach is an excellent option. So, here we have a recipe of high-protein soup made with not one but two kinds of protein-rich lentils (dals).

Urad dal works as a great ingredient for soups as it turns mushy and creamy when cooked all the way through. This is one reason why urad dal is used to make dosa and idli too.To add some crunch and more flavours, chana dal is also added to this soup. Both these dals level up the nutrient quotient of the soup while making it taste heavenly. If you like the simple dal made with urad dal and chana dal, you’ll like this soup even more! We have for you an easy recipe of urad chana dal soup that you must try in winter on your weight loss journey.


Urad Chana Dal Soup Recipe For Weight Loss:

Click here to view the full recipe of urad chana dal soup along with ingredients list and cooking method.


Try this delicious soup recipe for high-protein dinner in winter for quick weight loss. It’s easy to make and tastes great. A yummy way to lose those extra kilos!

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