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How This University Student Ate Free Food For Two Years With Simple Hacks – Unblendednews

How This University Student Ate Free Food For Two Years With Simple Hacks


College life is probably one of the most fondly remembered times of our lives. While we enjoy the years of learning, we also learn important lessons about money and being financially independent. Jordan Vidal is a student from Cardiff, UK, and he has shared his personal hacks about saving money on food. During his two years at university, Vidal ate free food with a few simple tricks up his sleeve. Wondering what they were and how he managed to achieve this? Read on!

According to a report by Metro UK, Jordan Vidal registered as a member at a Casino in Cardiff. Members of the casino were entitled to a free all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet with soft drinks included. Next, the university student visited busy restaurants at arcades in the city and struck a relationship with their owners. They would give him their day’s leftovers for free, as they were going to be discarded into the trash anyway. This food was stocked by Vidal in his refrigerator, and eaten over days before his lectures began.

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The student managed to get free food for two years. 

Next, Jordan Vidal targeted takeaways and fast-food restaurants in the early hours of the morning. He visited them close to the weekend when they were going to throw out the extra food from the week. Thus, he ended up taking away burgers, French fries and chicken wings.

Jordan Vidal’s techniques have garnered immense appreciation online. Apart from saving on money to pay for food, the university student also managed to save leftovers from being discarded. What did you think of Vidal’s simple hacks to eat food for free? Tell us in the comments below.

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