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How To Cut Birthday Cake With Wine Glasses – Viral Hack Has Got The Internet Obsessed – Unblendednews

How To Cut Birthday Cake With Wine Glasses – Viral Hack Has Got The Internet Obsessed


How To Cut Birthday Cake With Wine Glasses - Viral Hack Has Got The Internet Obsessed

Viral Video: Take a look at this easy hack to cut a birthday cake.


  • Birthday cakes can often get messy to deal with
  • This easy hack uses wine glasses to cut out portions of a cake
  • Take a look at the viral video here

Birthday cakes are a delicious and integral part of any celebration, but cutting and serving them can often get messy. With multiple layers of cream and frosting, it is often an arduous task to carve out neat slices without ruining the entire cake. Although there are many hacks elucidating numerous methods of cutting a cake properly, we have found one that may just become our favourite. A viral video on Instagram shows how to easily cut a birthday cake into personal portions with the help of wine glasses. Wondering how? Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

The video was shared by American filmmaker Nancy Meyers on Instagram. The easy birthday cake hack went viral and received more than 118k views. Meyers’s caption sums up our feelings towards the video, when she said, “I may have to bake a cake just to do this.”

How the hack worked was that each guest was given an individual wine glass. The glass was then turned upside down and used to separate out a sizeable chunk for each individual. Thus, the cake automatically got served without anyone’s hands or plates getting messy. Further, people could select which side of the cake they wanted – one with less frosting or more. Once everyone had taken a portion of the cake, the wine glasses were brought together to raise a toast!

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8vs1n0tViral Video: Many birthday cake cutting hacks have gone viral.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the phenomenal birthday cake hack shared on Instagram. “This is THE BEST thing I’ve ever seen,” commented one user while another wrote, “I’ll never slice a cake again!” A few users commented on how the video made for an addictive watch. People also admitted that the brilliant hack was a specially useful trick especially in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic when social distancing and maintaining proper sanitation at parties is vital.

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