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How To Make Bread Cham Cham In Under 5 Minutes! (Recipe Video Inside) – Unblendednews

How To Make Bread Cham Cham In Under 5 Minutes! (Recipe Video Inside)



  • Cham cham is a popular Indian dessert
  • Cham Cham looks like a decadent sandwich
  • Bread cham cham is one of the easiest recipes we have tried

If we were given just a week to have desserts from around the world, we would perhaps keep a day or two reserved only for Indian desserts. There are so many of them and while it is hard to pick a favourite, it is always fun to try making some at home. Yes, it is a tough feat to imitate the style and precision of seasoned Halwais, but you do get better with practice – and if not, then you can always settle for the easier, quicker variants of your favourite mithais. Take, for instance, this bread cham cham recipe by food vlogger Reshu. Posted on the channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’, this easy-peasy recipe is ideal for days when cravings strike out of nowhere.  

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How To Make Bread Cham Cham In Under 5 Minutes

To make this, you need to make the perfect chashni or sugar syrup. Do not forget to add some cardamom powder for that added kick of flavour. You can also add some food colour to give or cham cham a distinct hue, or completely rule it out if you are wary of adding food colour to your sweets and use natural ingredients like kesar or saffron instead. Next, you need to grab a slice of bread, carve out circular or oval-shaped chunks out of it, using a steel glass. Keep them aside. For the cham cham stuffing, you would need some mawa, coconut powder, sugar, chopped dry fruits, dried pista, milk. Now take one slice of bread and apply this stuffing on the surface, put another slice of bread on top. Repeat it with other slices too, until you get all the sandwiches. Dip them in chashni, dust them off in coconut powder and you are done. Garnish with nuts, and serve.



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