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How To Make Koraishutir Kochuri – This Matar Kachori With Dum Aloo Is A Winter Staple In Bengal – Unblendednews

How To Make Koraishutir Kochuri – This Matar Kachori With Dum Aloo Is A Winter Staple In Bengal



  • Koraishutir kochuri is basically Bengali-style matar kachori
  • Koraishutir kochuri tastes the best with dum aloo
  • This dish is luscious and can make you happy any time of the day

There’s something about the winters that make us happy and joyful. The fresh seasonal produce and a spread of delicacies take us on a bingeing spree. From gajar ka halwa to the rich and luscious sarson ka saag – every dish makes us slurp and fulfills our soul to the core. These amazing dishes define a perfect union of taste and health, making your meal a wholesome affair. Indian cuisine is loaded with many such season-special dishes, unique to each state. In fact, every state offers some dish that makes winters yet more special for the locals.

Keeping this in mind, we bring you a special matar kachori recipe that makes a staple for the Bengalis during the winters. It’s called koraishutir kochuri. For the unversed, koraishutir stands for green peas (or matar) and kachori is referred to as kochuri in Bengali. It is crispy, flaky and flavourful, and tastes the best when paired with a spicy dum aloo (aloor dum in Bengali).

All you need to do is make a matar filling, and prepare kachori with it. What makes matar kachori different from koraishutir kochuri is the fact that the filling for both the dishes taste different and the Bengali version of the dish is more soft and fluffy when compared to matar kachori.


But before you get into the recipe, let’s find out how to make the bharta-like matar filling for the kochuri.

How To Make Matar Bharta:

It is a simple mashed boiled green pea recipe that includes hing, cumin powder, salt, sugar, red chillli and some more ingredients. Just mix them together and matar bharta is ready in just a few minutes. You can also enjoy this bharta as is with steamed rice.

Click here for the complete recipe.

How To Make Koraishutir Kochuri – Bengali-Style Matar Kachori:


Less than half cup matar bharta

2 cups maida

Some warm water

A pinch of salt

A pinch of sugar

1 teaspoon ghee

Oil, to fry


Dry-mix maida, salt, sugar and ghee.

Add warm water and knead dough.

Close the lid and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

Make small roundels, add some matar bharta filling in between and roll a poori.

Heat oil in a kadhai and fry the kachori till it turns nice golden in colour.


Serve hot with spicy dum aloo. Click here for recipe.

Enjoy your meal!

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