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How To Make Spinach Sambar – This South Indian Delicacy Balances Health And Taste – Unblendednews

How To Make Spinach Sambar – This South Indian Delicacy Balances Health And Taste


We just love when the restaurants offer extra sambar, without any extra charge – don’t we? There’s some so soothing about this South India staple which we just can’t get enough of. Sambar is light, tangy, spicy and can be paired with anything and everything you can imagine. We enjoy bowls of sambar with rice, dosa, idli, uttapam, upma and even paratha at times. You just need to make a big bowl of sambar and store it for whenever you crave. Traditionally, sambar is prepared by boiling arhar dal and cooking it with sambar masala, tamarind and some vegetables and herbs. However, today we find multiple variations of this classic recipe. Wonder why? It is because the popularity of sambar has broken the barriers and today it is prepared in almost every household across the country. And hence, people customise the recipe as per their palate, preference and availability of ingredients.

We recently came across one such variation of the quintessential sambar recipe that balanced both the health and taste factors (of a meal) in the best way possible. Hence, we thought of sharing the recipe with you. It’s called spinach sambar. This spinach sambar recipe also includes jackfruit in it, but you might add or omit it as per preference and availability. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

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How To Make South Indian-Style Spinach Sambar:

To make this dish, you need to first boil the toor dal (arhar dal) and jackfruit with some water. You might also pressure cook it up to two whistles.

Meanwhile, dry roast grated coconut with sambar powder. Transfer it to a grinder and make a thick paste. Add water if needed. Keep aside.

Now, saute bhindi and tomato and keep aside. Into the cooker, add drumsticks, spinach stalk and shallots and cook on medium flame.

Once everything starts boiling, add the coconut paste and cook for a while. Add the sauted bhindi and tomato and cook for a few minutes, until you get the desired taste and texture. Add salt as per taste.

Once done, add tamarind water to add that tangy flavour to the dish. Finally add a tadka of

mustard seeds, curry leaves and shallot and your bowl of healthy and tasty spinach sambar is ready to be relished.

For the step-by-step recipe of spinach sambar, along with ingredients, click here.

Try this delicious version of sambar at home and let us know how you liked it. For more such delicious sambar recipes, click here.


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