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Ideological War Underway In Country, Says BJP Chief

JP Nadda began his four-day tour of Uttarakhand on Friday.


An ideological war is underway in the country in which the BJP’s path is of nationalism and development, and the selfish agenda of the opposition has been rejected by the people, party president JP Nadda said in Dehradun on Saturday.

Mr Nadda began his four-day tour of Uttarakhand on Friday.

“In this ideological war, we are pursuing the path of nationalism and development. People have rejected the opposition’s selfish agenda,” he said, addressing a meeting with intellectuals on Saturday.

The four-day tour will see the BJP president address a slew of meetings with party workers to galvanise the organisation ahead of the 2022 assembly polls in Uttarakhand.

“The BJP keeps its flag flying under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Bihar poll verdict, in which we won 74 out of 110 seats, shows that our strike rate has been the best at 67 per cent,” Mr Nadda said.


It is an indication that the people of Bihar have voted for development over regionalism and casteism, and have reposed their trust in the alliance led by BJP, he added.

“Opposing Modi has led the opposition to oppose the country. People can understand this,” Mr Nadda said.

He accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of issuing anti-national statements, which, he said, are being made a tool by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for an anti-India propaganda.

“The former external affairs minister of the Congress is talking about enforcing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir once again. Leaders like Shashi Tharoor go to Pakistan and denigrate India. People can understand their gameplan,” Mr Nadda said.

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