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Immunity-Boosting Diet: Bajra Til Ki Tikki In Winters To Ward Off Cold And Cough – Unblendednews

Immunity-Boosting Diet: Bajra Til Ki Tikki In Winters To Ward Off Cold And Cough


Bajra til ki tikki recipe is a must-try during winters.


  • Bajra til ki tikki is commonly made during winters.
  • Both bajra and til are known to boost immunity.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

There are some meals that we specifically enjoy during winters, not just for their good taste and warming properties but also for their health benefits. Bajra til ki tikki is popular across India during the cold season when we are most vulnerable to seasonal flu, cold, cough and fever. Usually, this tikki is made with sugar syrup or jaggery, but here’s an easy recipe to make it with the simple addition of a small amount of powdered sugar. This saves time to make sugar syrup separately.

Bajra (Pearl Millet) flour is commonly used to make roti in Indian households. If you like the taste of bajra roti, tikki made with it tastes even better. You just need three ingredients for the recipe – Bajra sugar powder and til (sesame seeds). The recipe video was posted on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’.

Watch Bajra Til Ki Tikki Recipe Video Here:

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Bajra contains high amounts of flavonoids – tricin, luteolin and acacetin – that are known to boost immunity.Tilis also an excellent immunity-boosting and warming food. This easy-to-make, yummy tikki will be a great addition to your winter snacks menu. Pair it with a hot cup of tea and cozy up to the chilly but beautiful winter evenings.

To make bajra til ki tikki, sift bajra flour through a colander. Add sugar powder (boora) and til, and mix well. Knead tight dough with water and divide into roundels and just deep fry them in hot oil till golden brown.

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