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Immunity-Boosting Winter Diet: Radish (Mooli) Ki Chutney Recipe That You Can Make In Just 15 Min – Unblendednews

Immunity-Boosting Winter Diet: Radish (Mooli) Ki Chutney Recipe That You Can Make In Just 15 Min


Mooli ki chutney is perfect for winter immunity diet.


  • Radish or mooli is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Mooli ki chutney is perfect for winter immunity diet.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

I love the fresh arrival of winter produces in my kitchen. Among the many greens, I am most excited to pick up mooli (radish). There are endless things you can make with this white vegetable, mooli ka paratha being my favourite dish for the next few months. Its slightly pungent flavour can be muted with a range of spices and other ingredients and can be transformed into some really mouth-watering meals. Agreed, many of you won’t agree with me. Mooli is not particularly preferred by everyone.

For all those of you who have to be coerced into eating it, here’s a recipe that will change your feelings for it, and who knows, you might actually start loving mooli! If you like to pair your meals with chutneys of all sorts, mooli ki chutney will also manage to impress you. Now, if you are wondering why to make this chutney when you don’t like mooli, the following reasons will be enough to convince you.

Benefits Of Raddish (Mooli) I Why Radish Is Good For Immunity:

  • Aren’t we all concerned about strengthening our immunity these days? There’s no better way to do it than by consuming seasonal foods with immunity-boosting properties. Mooli is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids, all of which collectively work to improve our immune system.
  • Mooli is also rich in fibre, which aids digestion and keeps us full for a long time. This means adding this food to your regular diet may also help with weight loss.
  • Another glaring reason to consume mooli is that it is rich in so many other vitamins and minerals that it helps fight many common diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

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A key benefit of including radish in your diet is its benefits for our immune system.


The Unbelievable Taste Of Mooli Ki Chutney

If the above reasoning is not enough for you, then this might change your mind. Mooli ki chutney tastes absolutely delicious! The tanginess of mooli combined with the nuttiness of walnuts and sourness of curd, create a mouthfeel of flavours that you just can’t get over.


Here’s The Step-By-Step Mooli Ki Chutney Recipe

We have finally come to the best part. You can make this chutney in all of 15 minutes with just a handful of ingredients. Dense and creamy hung curd is used to make the chutney in which you just have to toss grated radish and chopped walnuts, and season with salt, green chillies and coriander leaves.

Mooli ki chutney tastes best when chilled. So, keep it in the refrigerator for some time before serving it and enjoy your immunity-boosting winter meal.


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