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Immunity Diet: 5 Winter Ladoos That Could Help Boost Your Immunity – Unblendednews

Immunity Diet: 5 Winter Ladoos That Could Help Boost Your Immunity



  • Winter is upon us, and we are in a mood to indulge
  • Winter also calls or necessary dietary changes
  • Ladoos can be healthy too

As the cold sheath of fog envelopes the country, we are busy prepping up for the season change that almost caught us off guard. Let’s admit, the winter did arrive early this year, and now we are left with no choice but to make necessary changes to our diet. It is time to do away with cold water. Ice cream, chilled milkshakes or cold coffees are not encouraged either. It is time to bring back the ‘winter foods’ that have kept us cosy and warm all these years. If you have grown up in India, you must be privy to all the laddoos that are made especially during the winters. Kids dig them, so do the grown-ups. But to think of these ladoos as mere desserts is a gross mistake. Most of these ladoos pack a treasure of nutrients that may help ward off the risk of cold and flu. Here are five of our favourites that we cannot wait to make.

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Here Are 5 Winter Ladoos That Could Help Boost Your Immunity:

1. Sonth And Methi Ka Ladoo
Enriched with the goodness of ginger and methi seeds, this ladoo could help fight the inflammation, and provide relief from the discomfort that comes with cold. Click here for the recipe.


2. Panjiri Ladoo
Panjiri is a dry, crumbly mix made with a range of healthy superfoods. This panjiri ladoo is made with the goodness of semolina, makhana, coconut, atta, and a whole lot of dry fruits and nuts. Ghee (or clarified butter) used to bind the ladoo helps keep your body warm and is also good for your bones and joints. Click here for the recipe.


Nuts are crucial for immunity

3. Gondh Ke Ladoo
Gondh (or edible gum), also known as dink in some parts of the country, is known to fight the chill and is also considered good for post-pregnancy. This ladoo is chewy and chunky, and while there are many recipes of gondh ka ladoo, here’s one recipe that you may like.

4. Til Ke Ladoo
Think winters, and you are bound to picture til ka ladoo at some point in time. Til or sesame is a winter favourite across the country, and the many sesame-based preparations are proof. Click here for the recipe.

5. Dates And Nuts Ladoo
Winters and dry fruits go hand in hand. Nutritionists suggest taking in a range of them to optimize your intake of antioxidants, that help fight disease-causing free radicals. Instead of sugar, this healthy ladoo uses dates. Click here for the recipe.



Dates are a healthy substitute for sugar

Most of these preparations are high in sugar, if you are wary of sugar, you can use any natural sugar substitute for your ladoos. Try making these ladoos at home and let us know your favourite

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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