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India’s Largest Orange By Circumference Found In Nagpur Farm. See Viral Twitter Pic – Unblendednews

India’s Largest Orange By Circumference Found In Nagpur Farm. See Viral Twitter Pic


India’s largest orange has been found on a farm in Nagpur, Maharashtra.


  • An entrepreneur has found a gigantic orange at her friend’s farm
  • It was found in Nagpur, Maharashtra which is known for its oranges
  • Here are the astonishing dimensions of the whopper

The internet is a source of information and entertainment for all. We find ourselves endlessly scrolling through our social media feeds, watching cute baby videos or drooling over some amazing food. There is also some amazing content out there which cannot help but surprise you with its unique nature, such as food challenges in which people try their hands at eating the maximum quantity of a certain dish. Another such interesting post on Twitter apparently featured the largest orange by circumference found at a Nagpur farm. Take a look at the tweet here:

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The tweet was shared by entrepreneur Ritu Malhotra, who wrote about how the orange grew at her friend’s farm in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. The city is known for its orange production, and thus also referred to as the Orange City of India. According to Malhotra’s tweet, the giant orange measured 24 inches in circumference and 8 inches in height. Further, the weight of the orange was 1.425kg as on 23rd November, 2020.

The incredibly large orange went viral and got amazing reactions from Twitterati, who couldn’t believe their eyes on seeing the huge whopper. Some commented that it was actually looking like a different variety of orange altogether. Others joked that it would be fun to spray the juice from its peels into people’s eyes as a prank. Take a look at the responses:

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According to the Guinness World Records, the largest orange by circumference measured 25 inches. This is a record held by Patrick and Joanne Fielder in Fresno, California since the date of 22nd January, 2006. However, this Nagpur orange comes a close second at 24 inches. Let’s hope to see the world record being shattered by India soon!

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