Iron-Rich Diet: Load Up On Iron With This Stuffed Chickpea Paratha Recipe


  • Women need more iron than men, physiologically
  • One must load up on iron-rich foods to replenish the lost blood.
  • As per WHO, chickpeas are ideal food ingredient to combat iron deficiency

Iron is one crucial component in our body that helps promote healthy skin, hair and overall wellbeing. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), “Iron is an essential element with important functions such as oxygen transport, DNA synthesis and muscle metabolism.” And deficiency of iron leads to various health issues, including weakness, poor appetite and more. It also results in anaemia, which as per WHO, is a common condition among more than half of the women across the world. Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood explained, “Women need more iron than men, physiologically. It is primarily because of the blood loss due to the monthly menstrual cycle. Hence, one must load up on iron-rich foods to replenish the lost blood.”

Including iron in your diet is yet more important in the current scenario (read: Coronavirus pandemic). As per a study, published in the journal ‘Open Forum Infectious Disease’, researchers found a link between iron and the COVID-19 infection. They found 90 percent of the people confirmed with COVID-19 had abnormally low serum iron level. And low serum iron concentration may lead to deaths in these patients, read the study.

Considering the above factors, we bring you an iron-rich recipe that can provide your daily iron fix in the yummiest way possible. It is a stuffed chickpea paratha. For the unversed, WHO recommended chickpeas (legumes) to be an ideal food ingredient to combat iron deficiency. Let’s find out the recipe.

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WHO recommended chickpeas (legumes) to be an ideal food ingredient to combat iron deficiency

Here’s The Recipe For Iron-Rich Stuffed Chickpea Paratha:


Atta- 1 cup

Warm water- to knead

Salt- one pinch

For filling:

Boiled chickpea- 1 cup

Salt- as per taste

Red chilli powder- 1.5 teaspoon

Roasted jeera powder- 2 teaspoon

Chopped coriander leaves- 2 teaspoon

Chopped green chillies- 1-2 teaspoon

Carom seeds- Half teaspoon


Knead the dough with atta, warm water and salt. Cover the lid and let it rest 5-6 minutes.

Mash the boiled chickpea.

Add rest of the ingredients and mix together.

Now make smalls out of the atta dough and fill the chickpea mix in between.

Roll it evenly with a rolling pin.

Heat a tawa and place the parathas on it.


Add some oil and roast both sides of the paratha well.

Serve the paratha hot with makkhan (white butter) and achar.

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