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Kitchen Tips: How To Store Methi Leaves For Long – Try These 3 Simple Tricks – Unblendednews

Kitchen Tips: How To Store Methi Leaves For Long – Try These 3 Simple Tricks



  • Methi leaves are a storehouse of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals etc
  • We bring you simple tips to store these methi leaves for long
  • Pack in a paper and store in refrigerator to keep it fresh for long

What’s the one thing that makes all of us wait for winters eagerly? Fresh and delicious seasonal produce will surely be one of the most common replies. It is that time of the year when our kitchen pantries are overloaded with carrot, beans, cauliflower, spinach, mustard greens, oranges, guava and more such amazing fruits and vegetables. Methi leaves being one of them. One of the most popular winter greens, this leafy goodness is often used to prepare a gamut of appetising recipes including methi saag, methi mathri, methi chicken, methi paratha etc. Alongside its culinary versatility, methi leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and several essential health-benefitting properties.

Health Benefits Of Methi Leaves:

  • Methi leaves are packed with fibre that may help promote digestion and metabolism, further leading to fat burning and weight loss.
  • They are a storehouse of antioxidants that are known to flush out toxins, prevent free radical damages and strengthen overall immunity.
  • Several studies have also found that methi leaves may help manage diabetes and heart health.

Have you ever wondered if we could enjoy this green delight year-round? Fret not, we have got you covered! We bring you some easy tips and tricks that can help you store methi leaves for long to enjoy year-round. All you need to do is, take these preserved methi leaves out and add to your desired recipe for a special taste and strong aroma.


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Methi leaves strike a balance between health and taste

Here’re 3 Simple Tips To Store Methi Leaves:

Method 1.

Step 1. Clean the leaves and discard the rotten ones.

Step 2. Pat them dry.

Step 3. Wrap in a paper or cheesecloth and store in refrigerator. The whole idea is to prevent excess moisture in the leaves. You may also store in air-tight zip lock/box. This will help you keep the leaves fresh for almost a week.

Method 2.

Step 1. Clean the leaves and soak them in water for some time.

Step 2. Pat them dry, spread on a plate and let them rest for 5-6 minutes. You may also chop the leaves.

Step 3. Add some oil to the pan and add the leaves and fry on medium flame till the leaves turn dry.

Step 4. Let them cool and transfer in an air-tight container, preferably zip-lock bag and store in freezer. This process will help you store the methi leaves for months.

Method 3.

Step 1. Clean the leaves and cut the stems.

Step 2. Pat them completely dry.

Step 3. Place them on baking pan and microwave for a minute. Let the leaves cool down. You may also sun-dry the leaves instead of using microwave oven.


Step 4. Transfer these crispy dried leaves to an air-tight container and store in a cool and dark place. This will help you store the leaves for at least a year.

Try these tips and store methi leaves to enjoy even when they are out of season.

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