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Man Uses Unique Light To Help Food Delivery Guy Find Him, See Viral Pics – Unblendednews

Man Uses Unique Light To Help Food Delivery Guy Find Him, See Viral Pics


Viral pics show how a customer gave directions to a delivery boy.


  • Instructing food delivery agents for directions can be a tough task
  • A man came up with an innovative and unique solution
  • He directed the agent with the help of a flashlight or ‘Beacon’ light

Ordering food online has become a frequent activity in the post-lockdown era, whether as an alternative to cooking at home or eating out in restaurants. Many people are choosing to order food online from various food aggregator applications. A common problem that most customers face is giving the correct directions to the delivery person who is bringing their food. Explaining the exact location of one’s home can be an arduous task, which is why a man came up with a simple yet effective solution. A viral picture shows how a man directed his food delivery guy to find him using a bright, dazzling beacon light. Take a look:

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Originally shared on Reddit, the Twitter post received approximately 785k likes and over 103k retweets. The viral pic showed a screengrab from a conversation with the delivery guy ‘Reginald’ who was confused about the location of the customer’s house. “Look to the sky. Follow the beacon,” replied the person who had ordered food. The user also shared a photograph of himself holding the strong flashlight, beaming it towards the sky. “Oh my god I see it,” confirmed the delivery person.


The wonderful technique of guiding people towards one’s residence amazed Twitter users. Several wanted to know where they could find a similar beacon light for their own use. Take a look at some of the reactions by Twitter users:

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Hats off for thinking of this novel solution to give directions to the delivery person. What did you think of the viral Twitter post? Tell us in the comments below!

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