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Move Over Apple Pie, This Apple-Cinnamon Halwa Is Here To Make Your Winter Special!  


  • You can use a range of ingredients to make a halwa
  • Halwa is one of the most loved desserts of India
  • It is very easy to put together a halwa

Winters are for sitting out in the sun and devour your own bowl of halwa. As much as we are for sharing, there is something about halwa that makes us ridiculously territorial. Hence, whenever we set out to make it, we make sure we prepare a generous batch. From gajar ka halwa to moong dal ka halwa, these warm, winter desserts scream decadence and we are here for it. However, this year we would like to broaden our horizons a wee bit, and try halwas with other seasonal delights; for instance, apples and cinnamon. Together they make for a powerhouse combination, which is exactly the need of the hour. If you are a fan of apple pies, you know exactly what we are talking about. The sweet, citrusy flavour of apple, with sweet and woody notes of cinnamon, not to forget, the distinct aroma, can take the quality of any dessert a notch higher.  

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Halwas can be of many kinds 


This apple cinnamon halwa is ideal for anytime of the day. It could be made without refined sugar too, since most of the sweetness is derived from the ingredients like apple, cinnamon and raisins. You could also use jaggery as an alternative to sugar. Khoya and ghee gives this dessert a creamy and velevet-y richness. The pronounced flavours of hot cardamom and cloves serve as a perfect contrast to the sweetness. In other words, the dessert never feels ‘too much’ or ‘too less’ since it is so balance in every way.  

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Gajar ka halwa is a popular winter dessert

The fact that it is so easy to put together is another reason, why you would love to make this halwa again and again. Most of the ingredients are easily available or perpetually present in your homes. ’tis the season of crunchy apples, make sure you use the season’s fresh red apples for this halwa, for the best experience. Chop them roughly and mix them up with the spices. If you do not have khoya, you can very well proceed without it.  


Here is the complete step-by-step recipe of apple-cinnamon halwa.

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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