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National Nutrition Week 2021: 7 Vitamin B6-Rich Foods That May Help Reduce Inflammation And Aid Digestion – Unblendednews

National Nutrition Week 2021: 7 Vitamin B6-Rich Foods That May Help Reduce Inflammation And Aid Digestion


Having a bad stomach might seem like a small issue, but it can become a hurdle in your day. You would always be uncomfortable, you wouldn’t be able to eat anything and these things may lead you to have a bad mood. We all know that a bad mood can ruin your day. But fret not, as there are natural ways to keep stomach-related issues at bay, and one of them is by adding vitamin B6-rich foods to our diet.

Vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, is one of the 13 vitamins that are essential for our body. It is used to maintain the health of nerves, skin, red blood cells and organs. According to FSSAI, it also helps in reducing inflammation and aiding digestive processes. Therefore, next time when you have problems with digestion, we suggest you eat these foods that may help reduce inflammation and aid digestion.

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Here Are 7 Vitamin B6-Rich Foods That May Help Boost Digestion:


Milk is a good source of vitamin B6. One cup of cow’s milk provides 5 per cent of vitamin B6 of the daily intake that is recommended for a healthy body. It is also full of calcium that makes our bones stronger.


Eggs are good source of vitamin B6.


Eggs are great for the body, it is a versatile food, packed with nutrition. 2 eggs provide 10 per cent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B6 required for the body to function. It is also an excellent source of protein.


If you have sweet tooth, then bananas are a healthy way of satisfying the sweet cravings that will also be a great source of vitamin B6. Eat one banana each day to keep yourself healthy and happy.


Chickpeas are quite the power-packed legume. Not only are they a good source of proteins in legumes, but they also supply a good amount of vitamin B6 per serving. Boiled chickpeas can work as a nutritious snack.


Spinach is full of vitamin B6.


Spinach has so many health benefits, even cartoons encourage children to eat. Spinach is full of vitamin B6, it helps to make antibodies that will help fight diseases.

6.Green Peas

Green peas are very nutritious vegetables, add it to your daily cooking to make your life healthy, it is full of fibre, vitamin A and C. A lot of people do not know that it is also a good source of vitamin B6.

7.Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good alternative to having white rice daily. It has more nutritious than white rice. It is an excellent source of vitamin B6.

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