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Need To Link Aadhaar With PAN? You Just Need To Send An SMS

Aadhaar is a 12-digit personal identification number issued by the UIDAI.

Did you know you can link your Aadhaar — also known as Unique Identity Number — with Permanent Account Number (PAN) just by sending an SMS? The Income Tax Department enables users to link the two identification numbers easily through an SMS-based service. It is mandatory to link the Aadhaar number with PAN for income tax purposes. Unique Identity Number is a 12-digit number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) — which manages the government’s Aadhaar biometric ID programme — whereas PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number allotted by the Income Tax Department. (Also Read: How To Verify Phone Number Linked To Aadhaar Card Online)

Here’s how you can link your Aadhaar number with your Permanent Account Number (PAN) easily using this SMS-based facility: 

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In order to do this, a user is required to send an SMS to the number 567678 or 56161 in the following format:

UIDPAN<space><12 digit Aadhaar><space><10 digit PAN>

The SMS-based service responds by sharing the status of your request subsequently. 

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Here’s an example of the SMS text that you need to send to 567678 or 56161, as shared by the Income Tax Department on its website —

UIDPAN 111122223333 AAAPA9999Q

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The Aadhaar number will be linked with the PAN only if the taxpayer’s name and date of birth of are identical on in both databases, according to the taxman. 

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