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No Sugar, No Mawa; Make Guilt-Free Gujarati Sukhdi, Or Atta Barfi Under 15 Minutes – Unblendednews

No Sugar, No Mawa; Make Guilt-Free Gujarati Sukhdi, Or Atta Barfi Under 15 Minutes



  • Gujrati cuisine is very well renowned
  • Gujartii sukhdi recipe is a classic
  • It is so simple to prepare, you would be making it again and again

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a box of barfi left unattended will be emptied sooner than you think. It doesn’t matter whether you nod in favour or not, you would have to admit that India loves its barfis, which is perhaps why there are so many of them. Barfi is a fudgy desi sweet that can be made with a combination of flours, fruits, nuts and flowers! The ubiquitous sweet comes in many shapes and forms, and when we stumbled upon this Gujarati sukhdi (atta barfi) recipe by food vlogger Reshu, we could not stop us from trying it. It is so ridiculously easy that we guarantee you would be making it again and again. The recipe uses no mawa or sugar, making it all the more healthier. Reshu uses malai as a substitute to mawa and jaggery for that additional rustic edge.

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Here’s what you would be required to do:  

1.  Heat ghee in a pan, let it melt completely. 

2. Add wheat flour or atta to the ghee.  

3. Roast until it changes colour to golden brown and starts releasing ghee.  

4. Keep mixing until it is well combined.  

5. Add gond, mix until well combined. Make sure the flame is low. 


6. Since gond fluffs up, it is a good idea that you keep smashing it as you stir the mixture so that everything is well-combined. 

7. Add malai, if you have mawa you can also add mawa. Roast for at least 3-4 minutes.  

8. The ghee will start separating again, give everything a final mix. Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool for 5 minutes. Make sure the mixture is not completely cool, it needs to be slightly war so that the jaggery gets well-mixed.  

9. Add some chopped jaggery to it, followed by cardamom or elaichi powder. Mix everything well, keep mashing gur with the spatula.  

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10. Transfer the mixture on to a greased plate or tray. Spread out the mixture evenly across the tray. Smooth out the top with the backside of the spoon. Garnish with dry fruits and nuts. 

11. Once cool. Cut the pieces of desired length and dig in. 

Watch the recipe link with full ingredients: 

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Sounds like a cake walk right? What are you waiting for! Make this Gujarati-special treat at home today and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. 

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