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Onam 2021: Celebrate This Festival With Yummy Traditional Delicacies From Kerala – Unblendednews

Onam 2021: Celebrate This Festival With Yummy Traditional Delicacies From Kerala


Onam is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated in Kerala. This ten-day long harvest festival begins on August 13. The main day of this celebration is on August 21. Onam is marked with numerous festivities that include making flower rangolis, boat races, traditional dance performances, and singing folk songs. The most important aspect of Onam, however, is undoubtedly the food. Mothers and grandmothers gather in the kitchens early in the morning to prepare a wholesome vegetarian feast called the Onam Sadhya. It is served on a large banana leaf. 

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The feast traditionally includes 24 items. The dishes include: Kaaya varuthathu (banana chips), chena varuthathu (yam chips), sarkara upperi (jaggery coated banana chips), mango pickle, lime pickle, puli inji (tamarind and ginger chutney), Kichadi (gourd in mildly spiced yogurt), pachadi (a yogurt vegetable curry), Olan (ash gourd with black beans in a coconut milk gravy), theeyal (mixed vegetable gravy), erissery (mashed beans and pumpkin with coconut gravy), avial, pulissery (yogurt based curry), kootu curry (black chickpeas curry), sambar, rasam, spicy buttermilk, bananas, puffed red boiled rice, and idiyappam (string hoppers). 

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To help you celebrate Onam and relish your very own Onam Sadya at home, we have found some delicious recipes for you to cook.


The traditional dish is a blend of kumbalanga (Ash gourd) with coconut milk. In order to get the best result, one should use freshly grated coconut for the milk.  



This comforting curry is prepared using a mix of vegetables like raw banana, ash gourd, drumsticks, yam. It is cooked in mildly spiced coconut milk gravy. 



A delectable blend of flavours using coconut, curd, and pineapple combined with fiery chillies and spices.

pachadi 620

4.Cheera Thoran

An authentic Keralite vegetable stir fry with spinach, coconut, and mild spices. This dish is very easy to make.


A popular South Indian dish prepared using vegetables and lentils cooked in tangy tamarind and a tomato-based curry. 



Also known as string hoppers, Idiyappam is cooked in both a sweet and savoury way. The dish is not as complicated as it sounds. Prepare the mixture using rice flour and a pinch of salt for taste. Then pour it into an Idiyappam mould and squeeze it in a circular motion. Now, pressure cook it for 5-7 minutes.

7.Paal Payasam 

A decadent and creamy dessert made using rice, milk, cardamom powder, and crunchy nuts. You need just 45 mins to prepare this recipe. It is also offered as “prasadam” at temples.

Make these recipes and let us know which one you liked the best. Happy Onam everyone!


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