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Post Diwali, Soan Papdi Memes Take Over Twitter. See Best Ones Here – Unblendednews

Post Diwali, Soan Papdi Memes Take Over Twitter. See Best Ones Here


Soan papdi memes have taken the internet by storm.


  • Soan Papdi is one Diwali sweets which is widely gifted
  • Netizens couldn’t help but make memes on the same topic
  • See the best and funniest memes here

Diwali means a number of things to different people. For some, it means visiting friends and relatives to exchange gifts and greetings; for others, it’s all about bingeing on their favourite Indian sweets. There are a variety of sweets which are associated with the festival, including the likes of Rasmalai, Besan Laddoo, Gulab Jamun and Kaju Katli. One running discussion among desi Twitter is how ‘Soan Papdi’ is regularly gifted every festive season by multiple friends and relatives.


Soan Papdi, also known as Patisa, is a popular gifting item during Diwali. Photo: iStock

Although the sweet has its takers, many would agree that Soan Papdi is probably one of the most ubiquitously gifted items of Diwali. Whether as Diwali bonus from employers or even as a Diwali gift by distant relatives – Soan Papdi is one sweet we definitely find on our palette when festive season begins. The abundant availability of the sweet as well as its longer shelf life makes it a hot favourite among Indians. In fact, any attempt to regift the box of the sweet only makes it return back even more speedily.


Twitterati couldn’t help but make memes on this unique and interesting phenomenon of Soan Papdi as a Diwali gift. Some questioned if it’s even Diwali if it isn’t for a box of Soan Papdi, while others wondered how it always makes it way back to our homes in spite of several attempts of getting rid of it. Take a look at the best memes here:

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We hope we can manage to finish the boxes of Soan Papdi we received this year. At least until next time, when the stock is replenished. Did you get the box of Soan Papdi this year or were you gifted some other sweets? Tell us in the comments below!

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