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Prawn Ambotik Recipe: An Authentic Goan Prawn Curry For Seafood Lovers – Unblendednews

Prawn Ambotik Recipe: An Authentic Goan Prawn Curry For Seafood Lovers


What comes to your mind when we say Goa? Famous nightlife, adventures, modern culture and beautiful beaches. Right? Well, Goa has much more to offer and one of them is the unique food. The extensive Goan cuisine is made from a blend of Portuguese, Konkani (Indian) and British cooking styles and cultures. Let’s just say, Goan cuisine is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western influence! From ever-popular Goan fish curry and xacuti to pork vindaloo, there’re so many unique and flavourful recipes to try from.

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In this article, we are going to introduce you to one such recipe known as Prawn Ambotik. Ambot means ‘sour’ and tik means ‘spicy’, this Portuguese influenced recipe is a perfect blend of both sour and spicy flavours. Yes, you heard that right! Rich, creamy, satisfying and scrumptious, this prawn curry recipe will increase your love for seafood. Wondering how? Read the recipe below.

Here’s How You Can Make Prawn Ambotik | Prawn Ambotik Recipe

To begin with, take a bowl, add prawns followed by turmeric and salt. Set aside for some time.

Now, in a pan, add cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Roast the seeds without any oil for 5-6 minutes. Once done, turn the heat off and grind them together with cloves and dried red chillies.

To this add, coconut, ginger-garlic paste and a little vinegar or lemon juice. Blend until smooth and consistent paste (add water, if required). After that, heat oil in another pan, add onion and fry them until brown. Then add tomatoes and coconut paste along with salt. Keep stirring for 10 minutes.

Add water and simmer again, then add prawns and cook for 10 minutes or until required consistency.

The last step is to add tamarind paste, some coriander leaves. Cover for 3-4 minutes and voila, your authentic Goan prawn curry is ready to savour! Serve it with a bowl of steamed rice.

Click here for the full recipe of Prawn Ambotik.

If you are a fan of seafood just like us, then this recipe is a must try! So, what are you waiting for? Try it out and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.


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