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Puttu And Kadala Curry: How To Make This Protein-Packed Breakfast Combo From Kerala


  • Kerala’s special puttu and kadala curry makes for a wholesome meal.
  • Kadala curry is basically a semi gravy-based dish made with boiled chana.
  • Puttu is a steamed cylindrical food made with rice flour.

Breakfast has always been touted as the most important meal of the day. Literally meaning ‘breaking the fast’, a fulfilling meal in the morning fills us with energy and positivity to keep going for the whole day. Hence, experts around the world swear by a nutritious and heavy meal to start the day with. A healthy morning meal helps balance digestion, metabolism and refuels us with nutrients after night-long fasting. While mornings are busy and time-pressed for most of us, there are a number of people who like taking out some extra time to enjoy an elaborated, nutrient-rich meal for breakfast. Some of the most popular breakfast foods are pancake, paratha, poha, cheela, dosa, omelette, toast et al. But, we all with probably agree that the same dishes every morning can be boring at times. Fret not, we have got you covered!

We handpicked a classic South Indian breakfast meal that will not only satisfy your soul but will also fill you with protein, fibre, carbohydrate and several essential vitamins and minerals with the very first meal. It is Kerala‘s famous combo – puttu and kadala curry. For the unversed, South Indian cuisine has garnered a huge share of fan-base across the country for being simple, healthy and flavourful. Most of the dishes (both veg and non-veg) are easy to make and need minimum ingredients in the recipe. And if you explore, you will find every region of South India has multiple unique dishes that never fail to impress our taste-buds. One such dish surely is kadala curry, which is best enjoyed with puttu.

How To Make Kadala Curry:

Alongside its breathtaking scenic beauty, Kerala is also known for its rich food culture that includes a gamut of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They are rich, flavourful and include a pool of regional spices that make the cuisine stand out in the lot. For the uninitiated, Kerala is referred to as ‘land of spices’.

Kadala curry – a popular dish from Kerala- is basically a gravy-based recipe made with boiled black chana. Although it looks quite similar to our regular kala chana sabzi, what makes kadala curry different is the flavourful concoction of spices and grated coconut. All you need for the recipe are boiled black chana, coconut, red chilli, coriander, mustard seeds, onion etc.

Besides offering a burst of flavours to your palate, the inclusion of black chana makes the dish protein and vitamin-rich that helps promote digestion, metabolism, weight loss, and strengthen overall immunity.

Click here for the full Kadala Curry recipe.

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How To Make Puttu:

There’s no denying the fact that kadala curry is just not complete without puttu. Literally translates to ‘portioned’ in Malayalam, puttu is basically a steamed cylindrical rice flour-based dish that can either be sweet or salty in taste. Puttu generally consists of rice flour, coconut, water and salt. However, several recipes also include sweet filling inside. Some puttu recipes also include ragi flour, tapioca and cornflour instead of rice flour.

Here we bring the classic puttu recipe that served with banana, kadala curry and papad. Click here for the full recipe of puttu.

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Try this classic breakfast from Kerala and give yourself a tantalising treat in the morning. Enjoy your meal!

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