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Ragi Mudde: This 2-Ingredient Local Recipe Of Karnataka Could Help Manage Diabetes – Unblendednews

Ragi Mudde: This 2-Ingredient Local Recipe Of Karnataka Could Help Manage Diabetes



  • Ragi is replete with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Ragi is also a decent source of protein and fibre
  • Ragi is excellent for diabetes management

Diabetes has emerged to be one of the biggest health concerns around the world. Things are also pretty grim back home. According to a recent study, published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes), more than 50% young Indians in metro cities may develop diabetes by the year 2045. According to the statistics, 77 million adults currently have diabetes and this number is expected to almost double to 134 million in another 15 years. Earlier, a study (published in The Lancet in the year 2018) also predicted that as many as 98 million Indians are at risk of developing diabetes by the year 2030. The numbers are daunting, especially since there is no known cure to the condition. One can only control the symptoms by eating right and leading a balanced lifestyle.

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Our dependency on certain flours often blinds us to a gamut of options around us. Maida, or all-purpose flour, continues to be one of the most popular flours in our kitchen; however, it is always a good idea to explore and experiment a bit. If you go to the interiors of India, you would a range of preparations with millets like ragi, bajra, jowar etc.


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Ragi, also known as finger millet is loaded with iron and calcium

Ragi (or finger millet) is gluten-free, high in fibre and protein. High fibre foods take their time to breakdown and digest, because of which they enable the slow release of sugar in the bloodstream and preventing the risk of blood sugar spikes. Ragi is also a rich source of tryptophan that helps in relaxing you. An excellent source of iron, ragi also decreases your chances of developing anaemia. Consuming ragi could also be good for bones as they are also replete with calcium.


Ragi Mudde, or simple mudde, is a humble dish from Karnataka. In Tamil Nadu, the dish is popular as Ragi kali. It is prepared with just Ragi and water. They are essentially lumps or balls of ragi flour that are commonly paired with chicken curry (Bassaru), or Upsaru or a methi-based sweet and sour dish called Methyada Gojju. Raggi Mudde is a comfort dish that comes with a treasure of health, you can also have it with a side of soothing sambhar. 

Here’s the recipe of Ragi Mudde. 

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