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Rhea Kapoor Is Devouring Some Delectable Food In Maldives, Here’s Proof – Unblendednews

Rhea Kapoor Is Devouring Some Delectable Food In Maldives, Here’s Proof


Producer Rhea Kapoor who tied the knot with filmmaker Karan Boolani last month is spending some quality time with her husband in the Maldives. While a gateway on the island guarantees you some sunshine and a lot of beach time, you are sure to find some yummy food as well. And now, we have Rhea Kapoor’s Instagram Stories as proof of just how delicious the food is in the Maldives. As per Rhea Kapoor’s post, the couple seems to have begun their day with a hearty breakfast.

In the image, we can see that she chose to go classic with some croissants. She paired the French delicacy with some butter and marmalade. We can also see some creamy, rich scrambled eggs that the couple seemed to be digging into, straight from the pan with some chillies on the side. And Rhea did not forget to think of her sister, actress Sonam Kapoor, when she relished the meal. She wrote, “Missing Sonam Kapoor.” The image was reposted by Sonam Kapoor. Sweet isn’t it?

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Rhea Kapoor enjoyed a delicious breakfast

After that seemingly heavy breakfast, Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani did not hold back on lunch either. Once we caught a glimpse of their lunch spread, we could see why. The couple had an Asian feast with some sticky rice, paired with chicken breast and cucumber. Along with it, the couple was served a large portion of a vegetable dish as well as an Asian stir fry.

The stir fry looked delicious with ample Bok choy and some yummy toppings that seemed to be nut shavings. There was also a small bowl of jus that looked creamy and light at the same time.

Rhea Kapoor conveyed to us that the lunch tasted just as good as it looked. She wrote, “What. A. Lunch.”


The couple enjoyed a lavish lunch spread

In addition to being a foodie, Rhea is also a wonderful cook and several Bollywood stars have attested to this. One of the signature dishes that she often cooks for her friends and family is spicy lobster garlic noodles. Take a look.

Some time ago, Rhea Kapoor had all of the Internet drooling when she made juicy and crunchy fried chicken burgers for her friends. Photographer Karishma Karamchandani and interior designer Ravi Vazirani lost no time to share Instagram Stories appreciating the burgers.

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We cannot wait to see what is going to be next on Rhea Kapoor’s plate.


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