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Singapore Citizen Praises Parle-G, Desi Reddit Calls Him ‘Honorary Indian’ – Unblendednews

Singapore Citizen Praises Parle-G, Desi Reddit Calls Him ‘Honorary Indian’


Parle-G is a biscuit brand every Indian is familiar with. The humble 5-rupee packet would always be our go-to snack with a cup of tea, or even by itself. India’s top-known glucose biscuit has a huge fan following, which is why; it was no surprise to see the brand registering a growth in overall market share by 5% in the lockdown period. It came as a pleasant surprise to Indian users on Reddit when a citizen of Singapore expressed his love for the biscuit. Take a look at his post:

The post was shared on the official sub-Reddit r/india, by a user named u/ZRudd97. It won nearly 7k likes and hundreds of comments and shares since the time it was put up. “I remember trying this in India while having tea with some friends and it’s amazing. Found it in a local store here and bought like 10 packs of it. This is my all-time favourite from now on,” the user wrote in his post.

Indian Reddit users couldn’t help but share their love for the biscuit in the Reddit thread. Many explained to their foreign counterparts how Parle-G was simply the most affordable and yet a delicious biscuit. “Indian here who studies in Singapore. Could you tell me where? I’m also missing this,” commented one user on the post. Another wrote, “Only with experience you know how long to dip it in your chai,” amid much laughter.


Tea and Parle-G is one of India’s favourite combinations.

Parle-G found itself among various other food trends in the lockdown, due to its easy availability and reasonable price. Which food trend did you try in lockdown? Tell us in the comments below!


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