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Skin Care: Eating Mangoes May Help Reduce Wrinkles In Women – Study – Unblendednews

Skin Care: Eating Mangoes May Help Reduce Wrinkles In Women – Study


We all love mangoes and there’re no two ways about it. Also called the ‘king of fruits’, it is one of the most sought-after foods during the summer. In fact, mango in different other forms like ‘aam papad‘, ‘aam chutney‘, ‘aam murabba‘ etc. are enjoyed all year round. Besides its amazing taste, what adds on to its credit is the rich nutrient-profile. It is loaded with vitamin C, beta carotene, protein, fibre and enzymes that promote digestion, healthy gut, immunity, eye health and more. But did you know mango can even have anti-ageing effects on women? Yes, you heard it right!

A recent study has found that eating mangoes may help reduce wrinkles in older women. The researchers at the University of California, Davis conducted the study with ataulfo mangoes. For the unversed, it is also called honey or champagne mangoes that are majorly cultivated in Mexico. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘Nutrients’.

The researchers conducted a randomised study on 28 post-menopausal women “with Fitzpatrick skin types II or III”. Fitzpatrick is a numerical classification schema for human skin color. The participants were divided into two groups. While one group was given half cup of mangoes four times a week, the other half had 1.5 cups of mangoes. This continued for 4 months.


The findings stated, “Postmenopausal women who ate a half cup of Ataulfo mangoes four times a week saw a 23 per cent decrease in deep wrinkles after two months and a 20 per cent decrease after four months”. However, it was found that eating 1.5 cups of mangoes for the same period of time led to increase in wrinkles.

“This shows that while some mango may be good for skin health, too much of it may not be,” explained lead author Vivian Fam, a doctoral student in the UC Davis Department of Nutrition. But it is still unclear why consuming more mangoes leads to severity of wrinkles.

“It may be related to a robust amount of sugar in the larger portion of mangoes,” the researchers speculate, according to an ANI report.

Looking into the findings, we can say that keep eating mangoes worry-free; but always remember – moderation is the key!



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