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Solar Eclipse 2020: Date, Time Of Surya Grahan, Food Myths, Do’s and Don’t’s – Unblendednews

Solar Eclipse 2020: Date, Time Of Surya Grahan, Food Myths, Do’s and Don’t’s



  • Solar eclipse is also called Surya Grahan in India
  • This solar eclipse in December 2020 would be a total solar eclipse
  • Solar eclipse is often riddled with many dietary myths

A lunar eclipse is often followed by a solar eclipse. After the penumbral lunar eclipse that took place on 30th November, skygazers have another reason to rejoice because of the total solar eclipse that is scheduled on 14th December 2020. Solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are in one line, in exactly that order. When this happens, moon obstructs a part of Sun’s light from reaching to earth. The eclipse would not be visible in India. Parts of Argentina and Chile will be able to view the eclipse, if the weather remains clear. Some locations in southern South America, south-west Africa, and Antarctica may also be able to view it.

Time Of Solar Eclipse 2020, Surya Grahan Time In India 

The partial phase of the solar eclipse will start at 07:03 in the evening, the full eclipse will begin at 8:02 PM and it will end at 12:23 pm. The solar eclipse will reach its peak at 9:43 PM, as per

Solar Eclipse Diet Myths, Why Do People Refrain From Eating

There are many myths and legends associated with eclipses. Long before, when science had not made so much progress. Celestial bodies like sun and moon were highly revered, instances like eclipses were seen as an aberration. Many people considered the period inauspicious, and refrained from eating food  during the grahan. In India, many people still discard the food lying around after the eclipse, or place a tulsi leaf above the food that cannot be discarded. They also take a bath once the eclipse is over and then consume the food.




According to many scientists, there is no need to fast during the duration of eclipse
Photo Credit: iStock

Many scientists have dispelled these notions, saying that these celestial bodies are constantly moving, hence there is no need to fast, as there is no such risk of food contamination. It is however, not advised to watch the eclipse with naked eyes. If you are feeling uneasy or anxious during the eclipse, it is a good idea to meditate as per yoga experts.

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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