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Street Food Of India: How To Make Mumbai’s Famous Veg Frankie Roll (Recipe Video Inside) – Unblendednews

Street Food Of India: How To Make Mumbai’s Famous Veg Frankie Roll (Recipe Video Inside)



  • Mumbai is famous for a wide gamut of street food
  • One of Mumbai’s famous street food is Frankie
  • Frankie looks like a Kathi roll

All street food lovers in the house raise your hands! While love fine-dining, and all the gourmet treats that are just a phone call away, but there is something about street food that always manages to set our hearts racing. Sizzling hot potato patties, gol gappas over-pouring with spicy paani, papdis smeared in chutney, pavs doused in bhaji... you get the drift. One of our all-time favourite street food has to be Frankie. The Mumbai special-street food looks like a distant cousin of Kolkata’s Kathi roll. Frankie is a spicy wrap or a roll that is stuffed with veggies, chutney, masalas and a whole lot of things.

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With this veg Frankie recipe by food vlogger Parul, you can make the authentic Mumbai-style Frankie at home. To make this roll, you would have to knead a soft dough with maida and atta. You can make the dough with wheat flour only, but for softness, you do need some maida and oil. Keep it aside. Make some chilli vinegar by mixing chopped chillies, white vinegar. Next, you need to make the instant Frankie masala with red chilli powder, garam masala, dhaniya powder, jeera powder, turmeric, chaat masala, amchoor and salt.

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In the next step, you need to make the cutlet masala by heating some oil in the pan. Throw in some chopped ginger and garlic, chopped green chillies. Add some fresh coriander leaves, red chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric. Next, add crushed potatoes, mixed everything well and shape your cutlets. Assemble the roll with cutlet, chilli vinegar, masala, coriander leaves and chomp away.

Here’s the full recipe video on ‘Cook With Parul’:



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