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Street Food Of India: How To Make Veg Momo – Watch Recipe Video – Unblendednews

Street Food Of India: How To Make Veg Momo – Watch Recipe Video



  • Momo is basically vegetable or chicken filled steamed dumplings
  • Momo traces its roots back to China, Bhutan, Nepal
  • Here’s an easy veg momo recipe for you

Discussion about Indian cuisine is never complete without giving a special mention to the lip-smacking street foods the country offers. Street foods make an integral part of Indian food culture. From the chhole kulche of the North to the jhalmuri of the East – the spread of Indian street food is diversified. Every region and sub-region has something unique to offer. While some of these popular snacks are oily, decadent and perfect to define sinful indulgence, you will also get dishes for the health-conscious ones. The only common point between all the street food items is they are easy-to-make and extremely flavourful.

One such popular food item is momo. A warm and hearty bowl of momo is enough to soothe our soul and satiate the cravings. It is basically chicken/paneer/veggie filled dumplings, steamed and served with hot and spicy chutney by the side. Although momo traces back its roots to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, today it is a central part of Indian street cuisine; so much so that it has various desi versions to please the locals and their palates.

We bring to you a veg momo recipe that is easy to make at home and will remind you of your favourite momo joint in town. All you need to do is chop some carrot, cabbage, onion and garlic, sauté them together with soya sauce, vinegar and black pepper, fill in maida wraps, and steam.



Serve these momos hot with spicy hot chutney. Click here for recipe.

Try this momo recipe and enjoy an appetising winter evening with your family and loved ones!

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