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“This Job, Man”: BBC Journalist Learns Hard Way To “Always Assume You Are Live On Air” – Unblendednews

“This Job, Man”: BBC Journalist Learns Hard Way To “Always Assume You Are Live On Air”


'This Job, Man': BBC Journalist Learns Hard Way To 'Always Assume You Are Live On Air'

Dan Johnson was heard complaining about his job during a live TV segment.

A BBC correspondent was filmed complaining about his job on live TV after assuming he had lost his connection to the newsroom. Dan Johnson, the North of England correspondent for BBC News, is currently in staying Delhi while reporting on the situation in Afghanistan. On Sunday, he reached his hotel room in the national capital and propped up his iPhone to create a makeshift camera with which he could deliver his report. What followed is another hilarious example of the drawbacks of modern technology. 

Footage shared by Mr Johnson on Twitter shows that after he finished his report, he was asked a question by the anchor back in BBC’s London newsroom. Instead of answering the question, however, Mr Johnson initially kept silent for a few seconds before getting up. He thought his connection to the newsroom broke and got up with a sigh and a shake of his head. “This job, man, this job,” he was heard saying in exasperation as he moved away from the camera, much to the amusement of the anchor and the audience.

After a few seconds, the newsroom anchor recovered his composure and apologised on behalf of his colleague. “I think Dan did not hear my question. I think he had lost the line. I don’t think he was upset. Apologies for that,” he said.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Mr Johnson said it was a good reminder to “always assume you are live on air, whatever goes wrong.”

By way of explanation, the journalist added in follow-up tweets that a power cut broke the line from London, because of which he could not hear the presenter and assumed they could not hear him either. 

He said that after finishing his answer, he sat still for some time and waited “either to allow them to realise and move on or for the sound to return.” Clearly he did not wait long enough, for BBC viewers watching the moment on live TV caught him venting about his job as he got up.

Mr Johnson also spoke about the challenges of his job, sharing that he had only just managed to reach his hotel room and make the connection after being locked out due to a faulty room card. 

“I was filming with my iPhone, balancing on some cushions in front of the window having only just managed to get in the hotel room and make the connection in time after being locked out by a dodgy room card,” he wrote.

Twitter users were more than forgiving of the gaffe, and many admitted they had been in similar situations.

“Been there done that and worse,” wrote journalist Kim Ghattas. “Standing on rooftop of ministry of info in Baghdad, and gesticulating like a mad woman about losing connection, until bureau chief ran upstairs to tell me i was in vision and everyone could hear me i just cudn’t hear studio…”

“Literally what I mutter to myself every day,” Mayeni Jones, BBC News West Africa correspondent, responded.

“We’ve all had days like that,” a Twitter user assured him.

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