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Try These Desi Homemade Paneer Tacos When Cravings Hit – Unblendednews

Try These Desi Homemade Paneer Tacos When Cravings Hit


It is fun to experiment in the kitchen, isn’t it? We spent the lockdown trying to recreate street-style momos and jumped on the trending food bandwagon when dalgona coffee and feta cheese pasta became viral. All of us are not amazing cooks, but that didn’t stop us from trying these recipes! Trying out new recipes can be entertaining, especially when we are cooking with our friends and family! So, why not spend some time with our loved ones by trying out another fun dish? We have found the perfect recipe to experiment with, some desi homemade paneer tacos. These desi homemade tacos is a Mexican dish with an Indian tadka. The best part about them is that they taste delicious and the desi flavours will be enjoyed by everyone in the family!


You can use rotis to make tacos.

How To Make Desi Homemade Paneer Tacos | Paneer Taco Recipe :

Start by preparing the marinade. In a large bowl, add oil, lime or lemon juice, taco seasoning and a spoonful of water. Whisk until everything is well combined. Add the paneer and veggies, coat them well in the marinade. Marinate it for 1 hour in the refrigerator. Heat a skillet and sauté the marinated paneer-veggie till the veggies are crispy and tender. The stuffing is ready!

Next, make the chutney by blending yoghurt, coriander, green chillies, garlic and salt. Heat the rotis in a microwave or chargrill them on a stove. You can also use tortillas if you want to. Fill the paneer stuffing into the rotis and drizzle it with the chutney. Your desi homemade paneer tacos are ready! You can also use the chutney as a dip.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Desi Homemade Paneer Tacos.

What are you waiting for? Time to put on your apron and make this recipe at home! Do tell us how you liked it in the comments section.


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