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Unbelievable Viral Hack Helps Seal Bag Of Chips – And All You Need Is Your Hands!

Viral hack: This chips hack will make your life much easier.


  • Sealing a bag of chips is often a cumbersome task
  • A social media creator has shared an ingenious hack to do so
  • The hack requires no additional equipment

Whenever hunger pangs strike at odd hours, we simply reach out for a bag of chips and satiate our cravings. However, the tough part is when the packet is open and we have to reseal it for eating it later. We have all struggled to close that half-eaten bag of chips or namkeen – often using various implements such as a paper clip or a rubber band. But did you know there is an easy way to seal the packet without the need for any additional tool? A content creator on social media has shared an unbelievable hack to reseal a bag of chips with no additional equipment required. Take a look:

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The hack was shared on Instagram by @butterhag, and was reposted by several other pages where it went viral and garnered nearly 1 million views and counting. What she did in the hack was that she first folded in the corners of the bag inwards to create a triangular structure. Then, she turned the bag of chips over and rolled the packet inwards till it could go no further. After this she went back to the original side and showed the camera the two flaps that got created in the corner of the packets. These flaps were then turned back to form a simple yet effective seal for the bag of chips.


The unbelievably simple hack won immense praise from social media users. “Definitely not buying chips clips for sure,” commented a user while another cheekily wrote, “That’d be handy if there were ever any chips left in the bag at the end!”

What did you think of the hack? Did you try it at home? Tell us in the comments below!

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